One of the great traditions in the Church is Confirmation for sixth grade, and older, students. This marks a time of great spiritual growth and a coming of age where students are asked to profess their faith in Jesus Christ as they become members of the church.

Confirmation is a journey where students work through sessions that deal with the fundamentals of Christianity, what being part of the church looks like, and what it means to be a United Methodist. We learn what it means to be part of the Body of Christ and how, together, we strengthen each other’s faith.

We ask that each student participating have a Confirmation Partner that goes through the Confirmation class with him or her. Our desire is this would be a parent, in our hopes of strengthening the family. We understand that sometimes that is not possible and recognize that there might be other adults close to the family who could serve in this capacity. The Confirmation Partner is not expected to know all the answers; instead, they serve as a guide who can help them throughout the process.

Confirmation consists of five sessions, beginning in February, and a retreat in March. Sessions are on Sundays or Wednesdays each week. Cost is $55 per person and mentors must register also ($110/family). Fees cover costs for the retreat. Registration is now open online by campus:

Each campus will have informational meetings that allow us to explain Confirmation and give you an opportunity to ask questions. Please visit your campus website to find out more (Apex, Peak, 519, Fiesta).

2018 Confirmation Schedule:
Session 1: February 11 or 14
Session 2: February 18 or 21
Session 3: February 25 or 28
Session 4: March 4 or 7
Session 5: March 11 or 14

Confirmation Retreat
March 17-18, Camp Rockfish
(Transportation provided from Apex UMC Campus)

Confirmation Sunday
April 8

We hope you will consider partnering with your student in this formative time of their faith journey, continuing the promise we made as a church family at the time of their baptism. If you have any questions, please contact Marcus McClellan (Apex), Amanda Rigby (Peak), Anna Hughes (519) and Mishell Gonzalez (Fiesta).