Lent Sermon Series and Study
God is knowable. As followers of Jesus, we are invited not just to understand God, but to experience God. This Lent, as we take the 40-day journey to Easter, we would like to spend less time trying to explain God and more time learning to encounter God through scripture.

We would love to journey together with you as we explore the God of the universe who has mysteriously chosen to be available to us, his children—to be present to us in our joy and grief, in our success and failure, in our death and resurrection.

We will read Wondrous Encounters by Richard Rohr as an Apex UMC Family. Our sermons, as well as conversations in groups and classes, will center around this book. You may purchase a copy for $7 on Sunday mornings at your campus (in English or Spanish), in the church office during the week, or you may download a digital copy.