We have been praying for you.

Our prayer has been, as we settle into the new rhythms of this 40-day journey together, that you will learn to see the ways your story intersects with God’s story.

Sometimes that is hard.

Our stories are so proximate, limited and tangible.  The stories we read in scripture can sometimes appear opposite of that—historical, larger-than-life and foreign.  Because the two seem so different, it is difficult to name the ways they connect with each other.

But they do.

The daily resource which follows, is our attempt to help you begin to see what we see, and claim the good news that the same redemption offered throughout the story of God is available to you each and every day.

In addition to the readings that will land in your in-box, it may be helpful for you to consider a question as you reflect on them: where have you seen God’s redemption at work around you in what you have read, heard or experienced.

Grace and Peace to you on this Lenten journey.


On Good Friday, Jesus’ wounds are marks of defeat.  On Easter morning his scars are signs of victory. They remind us that the worst thing is never the last thing. We have scars, too.  Remembering that with God there is forgiveness, redemption, healing, and life, allows us to use our scar stories to offer hope to others. So, what’s your story?