519church, a multisite campus of the Apex UMC Family, is searching for a new Children’s Ministry Coordinator.  The position is part-time and primarily responsible for a) developing and discipling a team of leaders who shepherd our kids from birth-5th grade, b) creating a safe and hospitable environment for families, and c) partnering with parents to help them become the spiritual leaders of their families.

Here is a link to the official Job Description.

There are three main things we think will make you a good fit for the team:

  1. You are genuine. In all things, we aim to be genuine—excellent, but not unnecessarily polished.  Our whole team tries not to take ourselves too seriously so that we can take our work seriously.  A willingness to be vulnerable and open about your spiritual journey is as crucial as your ability to love well and live differently.
  2. You really love kids.  We all love watching kids do cute things on YouTube, but we need someone who is passionate about helping nurture our kids spiritually. While we certainly have high hopes for your pedagogical ingenuity, we need someone on the team who can “get on the floor” and connect with kids on their level—and help us learn to do the same thing as a church.
  3. You are all in. We are a young church that is motivated and continues to flourish.  We expect you to be as committed to the work of the church (not just kids) as we are, and that you will thrive in our mission-centric environment.

There are three main things we think you will love about working with us:

  1. We are fun. We work hard and play hard. We laugh a lot and are at our best when we are friends on a mission together, pitching in and helping each other out.
  2. There is an enormous opportunity for impact here.  The work we do is sometimes tiring, but always enriching. We are serving in one of the fastest growing, least-churched areas in North Carolina, and we welcome people weekly who are giving church one last chance. If you come, we will build it…the next 2-5 years will be some of our most exciting ones.
  3. We really do love well and live differently.  This church has a heart for loving and serving other people, and we do it in creative ways.  This is a great job for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, who wants the stability of a large church and the ability to risk new kingdom ventures. This is a place you can grow as a disciple, in your leadership abilities and professionally.

Want to apply for this role?

Send a cover letter and resume as one file (file name: 519 CMC for First Name Last Name) in a PDF format to jobs@apexumcfamily.org.

Applications will be reviewed upon receipt and the job will remain open until filled.